The biggest manufacturer of ultra-small precision rolling bearings of inch/metric measurement systems in Russia
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We are interested in realizing our capabilities in manufacturing products for different areas of application. To manufacture and process different parts and components of diverse complexity we have both modern ultraprecise equipment and significant competencies.

Our competences

Metal Working:

  1. turning machining and milling of any complexity;
  2. coordinate boring and coordinate grinding;
  3. electrical discharge machining (drawing & piercing);
  4. grinding of internal and external cylindrical and conical surfaces, planes, grinding of profiles;
  5. optical grinding;
  6. centerless grinding;
  7. CNC grinders (they allow processing complex profiled surfaces with high rate of productivity);
  8. superfinish processing of internal and external surfaces;
  9. grinding and smooth finishing of spherical surfaces with diameter from 3 to 26 mm.

Heat treatment:

  1. hardening of alloy-treated and tool steel:
    • – in shielding atmosphere,
    • – in oxidizing atmosphere,
    • – in vacuum,
  2. carbonization.
  3. Galvanic Treatment:
    • nickel plating;
    • sulphate copper plating;
    • pyrophosphate copper plating;
    • silver plating;
    • steel part oxidation;
    • surface sandblasting.
  4. Limit of part dimensions: the parts are to be consistent with the size of baths in the electroplating shop (800х600х750).

Metallographic laboratory capabilities

Metal and metal products verification:

  • Erichsen test for extension, compressive strength performed on a dimple with metal band;
  • non-metallic impurity contamination examination, structure assessment according to the requirements of norms and standards;
  • determination of Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell hardness;
  • impact-viscosity test;
  • production of necessary polished sections and samples.

Manufactured bearing examination:

  • determination of Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell hardness;
  • magnetic powder inspection;
  • deep etching;
  • burn examination;
  • microstructure examination according to GOST and TU.

Capabilities of chemical laboratory of the Chief Metallurgist’s Department:

  1. analysis of the ultimate composition of various steel and alloy grades using wet chemical methods, spectral and ICP spectroscopy;
  2. compositional analysis of galvanic electrolytes;
  3. density definition (specific gravity), oil absorption, oil heat resistance, oil separation on textolites and other non-metallic materials.


  1. emission spectrometer SPAS-02;
  2. photoelectric colorimeter KFK 3-01;
  3. gas analyzer СS-mat 6500;
  4. ICP spectrometer SPECTRO-ARCOS SOP.

Ability to measure microgeometric parameters of customer parts using high-precision instruments (with an accuracy of 0.01 μm).

We conduct metering equipment repair. Our experience and expertise allow us to perform repairing of a large range of measuring instruments.


Registered Address: Samara Region, Samara, Moskovskoe Shosse (18 km)