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Research and development works

Miniature Bearings Factory Ltd. (MBF) takes an active part in research and development (R&D) of bearing products and more. Each design specification is studied by a team of experts who develop an individual approach to every particular situation. Out-of-the box solutions, quick proposals and custom-tailored approach to every request are the essential components of systematic R&D process.

The pilot testing of the prototypes using the in-house test bench along with the expert study of the product technical condition after testing make it possible to go from prototype to serial product as fast and safe as possible.

The R&D at MBF are carried out according to the requirements applicable to components of the military hardware, rocket and space equipment, civil aviation (GOST RV 15.203, RK-11, Federal aviation regulations (AR)). The R&D works take from 6 to 12 months, including the delivery of the prototypes for testing at the Customer site.

MBF is part of the Aerospace Cluster organized in the Samara Region, which includes leading machine-building enterprises and scientific research institutes of the region. This allows MBF to perform collaborative work in the field of machine building and new materials utilization.

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