The biggest manufacturer of ultra-small precision rolling bearings of inch/metric measurement systems in Russia
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The prime value for us is our reputation of a reliable supplier, a progressive company, a socially conscious employer.

The components of our reputation include quality products, well-defined deadlines for performance of obligations, and a team of high-profile professionals. This is a source that feeds the stability and guarantees the maintenance of the existing achievements, manufacturing new types of products, sales ramp-ups.


We value experts able to address complicated issues today and willing to develop to keep up with the challenges of tomorrow.

We work to achieve the best overall result. Only through the every employee’s desire to live up to their own potential we will become a highly efficient team of professionals that will propel the bearing industry to the next level. Therefore, each of us, as part of our remit, has to strive for the best, ensuring the achievement of company goals through personal success.

Transparency and Trust

We always welcome open discussion of the difficulties encountered during work. Timely elimination of problems, rather than ignoring them and pushing deadlines, is a highly welcomed manner of working.

If an employee has done everything possible to resolve the issue on his/her own but failed to achieve the desired result, he/she should ask for help from his/her manager or an experienced specialist. If this employee understands that the solution proposed is not optimal or could well lead to negative consequences, the employee should reason with his/her manager or colleagues. That said, he/she should not only be ready to defend own position but also to hear the arguments of the opposite side.


We highly value the sincere passion of the employees for their work. Enthusiasm is a guarantee of expertise development and competence broadening of an employee.

This is the only way for interested and self-motivated trainees to quickly enter the expert and managerial staff, and for professional workers to receive additional bonuses and promotions. Only enthusiastic employees will keep abreast and know the state of current tasks at any given moment.


We appreciate if employees are not shy to propose new solutions and implement them. With that in mind, it is very important to know and consider the accumulated experience of the company.

Being reluctant to evolve and master new things is the main obstacle to progress and getting better results. Employees who are not ready for change often cannot match the pace of the Factory development.

To come up with an idea, implement it successfully, and obtain a positive result is a complicated and responsible process. The people who can make it happen are valuable for us!

Family, Health, and Wellbeing

We do understand that keeping up with the rhythm of an industrial company demands much physical effort. Therefore, the health of employees is always a high priority for our social policy.

The company organizes medical examinations and antiviral vaccination annually. The policies of obligatory medical insurance for employees are issued on suitable dates. We value the dynasties of workers working at the factory. We regularly host events for the children of factory workers. Family is the most precious value in life. The financial solvency of our employees’ families is the primary task of the company management.


We need to be sure that starting a task, an employee always bears in mind the result to be achieved and makes every effort to make it happen.

To quit the work halfway or do it poorly is unacceptable to us. To carry the work to completion, being accountable for its quality at all stages is something we strive for. For our team, the priority is the result, not the personal ambition or the employee’s desire to be always right. If the fear of making a mistake and getting punished for a mistake is an eternal companion of a person, he/she will never be able to achieve something less basic at the Factory, such as promotion, development, or additional motivation bonuses. And otherwise, situational flexibility, decision-making skills are the qualities that allow an employee to grow in qualification, career, and motivation aspects.


We know the cost of an ill-timed decision. The output volume of our product range makes us act quickly and efficiently. One delay always leads to another, and this results in reputational costs and financial losses.

We know the cost of a mistake due to the ill-timed work performance. Hurry breeds negligence, negligence leads to defects, and defects in our business are fraught with grave consequences.

We know the cost of half-baked decisions when weeks and months of work on the manufacturing of a tool or fixture can be wasted if the designer had made some mistake in calculations.

We understand the value of time as a life span that allows for different amounts of performance duty. The value of time is measured by the amount of work done or decisions made. We strive to use it efficiently.