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Medical equipment and Dentistry

MBF has a large experience in the production of the standard bearings and the bearings made to order for the medical equipment, including cardio equipment, blood analyzers, diagnostic and laser equipment.

MBF produces bearings for the high-speed dental handpieces with the rotational speed up to 400 000 rpm; for angle and straight handpieces and microengines with the rotational speed up to 40 000 rpm. These bearings are used in production and repair of dental handpieces of Russian and foreign production.

The distinguishing features of these bearings are the stable and noiseless operation, and the possibility of autoclaving.

Electric tools and home appliances, ventilators, computers, scales, gas-meters, industrial machines and industrial equipment, jewelry

MBF produces a wide range of bearings for electric motors of the household and industrial purposes. This group of bearings consists of miniature precision radial bearings and contact angular bearings, bearings with flange and without it, bearings with different accuracy ratings, bearings with many designs of retainers, shields and mechanical rubber seals. MBF produces high precision spindle bearings. For the measurement instrumentation (in particular for gas meters) the bearings with strict friction torque requirements are produced.

Car industry

MBF produces bearings for automotive industry used in the steering booster, ventilators of cooling of the engine, starters, regulation sensor of idling, window raisers, electric motors of starting preheater, and others.

Oil-and-gas complex

MBF produces large-sized bearings for turbodrills that use for boring of oil wells.

MBF also produces bearings in accordance with the technical conditions of the customer: the specific requirements of noise level and vibration, accuracy ratings, material for the retainer and the rings, etc.



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